April 7th, Wednesday:
When, something has gone right, my heart seems to know it more than anybody else. Then, I don’t know why I am still looking for reassurance!

Nov 11th, Wednesday:

Life offers a few bumpy rides.  We might have passed it and gone further in our journey but the bumps haunt us at times.  They can never be forgotten.


Oct 29th, Thursday:

You hear it all the time that – Hard work pays.  But, din’t know what is ‘perserverance’ till I really worked hard and saw the results.  Hard work pays  and pays well too –  in ways and means, you can’t fathom.


Oct 22nd 2009, Thursday:

Many times, we don’t appreciate how good things are going on for us until, someone else points out.  We have a lot to thank for than we think.


Oct 15th  2009, Thursday:

Seriously, how many of us get to choose the person we want to be with and then, be happy about the choice?  I guess, I have a lot more to thank God for.  Thank you God for showing me the light and then leading the way. 


Oct. 8th, 2009, Thursday:

The biggest accomplishment has come in small gestures.  My recent column on motherhood, has been received so well.  I don’t think the cheque I will receive for that will be anywhere close to that feeling of bliss in my heart.  Thank you God.


Sept. 30.2009, Wednesday:

When I reach a goal, I am surprised why it is not as exciting as I thought it would be.  Like they say, the journey is always that matters.  And yet, when at the goal post, I seem to like the dreams I spun during my journey but no matter how hard I try, I am already dreaming of my next goal.  I think, life is full of many goal posts and reaching there and learning life lessons during the process.


Sept. 24. 2009, Thursday:

Have been wondering why happiness always brings in loads and loads of tears.  Haven’t found the answer.


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