HERE’S AN EXCLUSIVE FREE POEM FROM SIGMALOGY.  (Psssst….. This is Sigma’s favourite poem)


Diggo the Dino

was a lonely fellow.

With no friends to play

the whole day, he just lay.


The pig found Diggo scary

He also wrote in his diary

The fox found Diggo large

and he didn’t like that Diggo always barged.


The armadillo rolled

When Diggo just roared

The birds all soared

but Diggo was just bored.


‘ Who would play with me?’

thought Diggo one fine day

‘If I have a party,

and invite everybody

and have some goody

with great foody

and sing some melody

in great rhapsody

then, perhaps, somebody

will become my buddy.’


First he had to bath

and clean the approach path,

to brush his dirty teeth

so it would be neat,

and scrub those grubby claws

and look without a flaw.


So, Diggo got all clean,

his skin bright green

wore his fine blue jean

and was making quite a scene.


The pig looked on

The fox looked on

The armadillo looked on

The birds looked on

They all just wondered

what was going on.


Diggo blew up balloons

and spent the entire afternoon

decorating while singing jolly tunes.

He called the baboon

and told him about the party

that would happen very soon.


Diggo called the pig and the fox

and showed them the big toy box

Diggo called the armadillo and the birds

and asked what they preferred.


‘It is party time’ Diggo cried

and danced in a side

as they all looked wide eyed

unable to decide

to dance or to slide

but they had realised

it was great sight.


And so they all danced

with food in their hands

And they sang so loud

it almost shook the cloud.


With the laughing all done

and the food was all eaten

Diggo now wondered

if he would be remembered


It was fun indeed

that they all agreed

to dance and to share

and to be together to care.


Then, Diggo smiled

When, everyone realised

that Diggo the dinosaur

was so much fun after all.

© Sudha Subramanian


3 thoughts on “Jr. FICTION

  1. Hey Sudha,
    This is real cute…..very nicely it rhymes and the theme n story line is also gd……

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