Sigma’s poems for the Tiny Tots – dreams, anxieties and goals

Get ready to welcome Sigma into your lives. Sigma would love to be part of every one’s dream and add to your fun and frolic . So, welcome him and give him a beary hug.

But, Sigmalogy has its beginning somewhere in my childhood.

When I was about 10, I dreamt of becoming an author. I held a little pencil and scribbled imagining/imitating to be a wordsmith.

It was a dream, I savoured, and was so sure about. But, nothing in the world comes in easy.

For years, I dreamt of making it happen. But, the road was rough. There was rejection. There still is. But, like they say, a writer’s journey is laden with rejection. Somehow, we learn to grow a thick skin and deal with it.

The journey has been tough and thorny but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Today, people shake hands and say a good word or two that I feel blessed. That was when, it was time to journey to my next dream – a book.

Sigmalogy happened on a lazy summer afternoon. Sid, my son, and I were thrilled to work on this book. It is our dream – a dream that will unravel itself next week.

So,. with bated breath and a racing heart, we await the day, so, Sigma can reveal himself and share his wonderful journey with every one. We are excited but, then, we are happily excited. We are anxious – for we hope every one will love Sigma the way we do. Of course, it does feel uneasy to share Sigma but when, we think of the smiles Sigma could bring onto a lovely little face, it feels very fulfilling. Thank you Sigma for making this possible. Thanks to all the people and the fans, who have extended their support for making Sigmalogy a reality.

So, let us count down jointly, to make this happen. Sigma, we will always love you.

Look out for this cover :)


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