If the shoe fits

Some of the most beautiful things in the world are meant only to be admired. I was staring at a beautiful Cinderella-style shoe. The heel was in shimmering gold and the rest of the shoe in transparent plastic that almost looked like glass. The shoe was delicately placed on a table covered in dark velvet, sprinkled with glitter. It was beckoning to me. I must have stood there for an eternity, salivating over a poor replica of Cinderella’s shoes, when a voice brought me back to reality. “Would you like to try it, ma’am?” the young lady was asking me. I was shy. The heel of the shoe in question was very small and very high. I had till that moment never imagined trying on shoes that leave one with only a few inches to balance on. That must be quite a feat, I always believed. I imagined myself walking on those heels and trying to balance. I couldn’t help but giggle. The picture in my mind’s eye was a humorous one. That shoe was not meant for me, I decided. Hard sell The young lady was unrelenting, “Why don’t you try it, ma’am?” She looked at me questioningly. Perhaps the lady was looking for some entertainment? I hesitated. “There is nothing wrong with trying, ma’am.” She was now getting pushy. She showed me to a comfy couch on which I could have slumbered, dreaming about those lovely shoes. In a few moments, the prized display piece was shoved into my hands. I looked at it, admiring the workmanship, and wondered if there was any technology involved that would help women to walk effortlessly in those heels. My brain was suggesting something about centre of gravity when I found the lady sliding my foot into the shoe. The feeling of a raised heel is very unfamiliar to someone who has always worn shoes that are flat. It also intrigued me that someone would want to look tall at least half a foot taller! The shoe fit me snugly. I pulled myself up. I stood there in the middle of the room tall. Some of the things around me seemed to be magically dwarfed by these shoes. I took in a breath of air and felt better. Being a fairly tall person myself, these gave me even more visibility and, for the first time, I actually knew what it meant to get a bird’s-eye view. I could look over everybody’s head and even count the number of grey strands cleverly hidden on their scalps. I took a few baby steps gingerly but soon realised I needed practise. I walked around the place and slumped back onto the sofa. I took off the shoes and held one by its heel. I could wrap the heel in my palm and rotate it like a child’s toy. At that moment, I knew in my heart that this piece of work was in no way meant for me. They looked good and I could manage a few steps, but I would never be comfortable in them, no matter where I went. Nevertheless, I gave in to impulse and took them home. It was an expensive buy but I love the feeling of owning something of that sort. I think, sometimes, it is good to listen to your heart. It gives you those moments to relish. The stiletto heels may never see the light of the day but I still adore them as they represent a dream I am scared to live. I look at them from time to time, hoping that, some day, I will wear them. But, even after weeks have passed, they remain just a lovely piece of art. Sometimes, I wear them and stride up and down, stumbling in my hallway. Nonetheless, I enjoy these moments.


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