Happy Birthday Sid (published in The Hindu on Feb 10th 2009)

Happy birthday Sid!





Sid was sure expecting gifts for his birthday, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would receive something so wonderful!






It was Sid’s fifth birthday. He was very excited because Uncle Styrakal gave him a magic mirror.

As soon as Sid opened the gift, a face appeared in the mirror and said “Who is it dear? I am Wilma, the keeper of this magic mirror.”

Sid was terrified, but uncle Styrakal explained about the mirror. “This mirror is special,” he said. “Use the magic words — mirror, mirror, on the wall — then, say what you want to see and Wilma will show you.”

Uncle Styrakal then helped Sid, put the mirror up on the wall. Sid was now very excited and thought about what he wanted to see.

When no one was around, Sid crept up to the mirror and said, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. I want to see some sharks and all.”

As soon as Sid said the magic words, Wilma appeared in the mirror: “All right, little you, I will take you, into the ocean blue.” She continued, “In you come to me and listen carefully. We will fly over the sea on this broomstick you see. Hold on tight to me and I will fly with glee.” Sid sat on the broomstick right behind Wilma. Wilma swished her magic wand, and kicked her leg and the broomstick lifted off the ground.

Sid first shrieked but calmed down quickly. They flew really high. He laughed and started enjoying his very first broom ride. After a few minutes, Wilma slowed down and was trying to land on the ocean! Sid was not sure, if it was such a good idea. But, to his amazement, they were floating on the ocean waves. Wilma cast a strange spell – “Green stream in the dream, make the broomstick submarine”.



In an instant, Sid and Wilma were sitting inside a small submarine. A lone light from the submarine, showed them what lay ahead. As Sid and Wilma sailed in the submarine Sid saw many fishes. There were huge coral reefs and they steered clear from them. They didn’t want to break any coral because it must have taken years to make one. Suddenly, Sid saw a very big fish swimming at a distance. Was that a shark? He wasn’t sure. Wilma glanced at Sid and smiled, “That is a Great White, whose belly is all white, but do not shake with fright, we are out of his sight”. She exclaimed. “He has 3000 teeth and eats a lot of meat. He has a sense of smell that senses pretty well.”

Sid watched the Great White and then he saw a fish with wings. Wilma explained “That is a stingray whose tail has a sting that can also kill.” As the submarine moved, Sid saw many stingrays moving in the ocean and settling under the ocean bed.

Sid then, saw a strange looking shark. “That is a shark whose head looks like hammer. A Hammerhead shark is a scare to anyone there. Its head helps it find, prey of any kind. Rays or smaller sharks or octopus in the dark. Hammerheads can find, any prey that hides.”

Wilma then announced that it was time to leave. Just as the submarine turned back to go, something with stripes moved in front of them. “Behold there with stripes, is a tiger shark that strikes and eats anything he likes.” The size and the sight of Tiger Shark scared Little Sid. “Don’t worry my child, sharks are not so wild unless people rile.”

Sid smiled. He thanked Wilma. Wilma pulled out a box full of toy sharks and said, “Happy Birthday Sid”. They quickly got back home and Sid was back in his room. He thanked Wilma again and went back to bed.

Indeed, what a great day it had been for Little Sid. As Sid drifted off to sleep, he started wondering where he would ask Wilma to take him next.



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