I have a green finger and I grow plants (published on Sept.24th,2008)

 Plants and I go a long way back. I spent my entire childhood amidst abundance of greenery and love them immensely. We love and take great care of each other’s welfare. It’s just that we can’t co-exist under one roof. Its not them – the plants, it’s me. I, by my sheer presence, somehow rid the plants of their very existence.

I once desired to have my own patch of garden. I did manage to plant a few saplings and grow them. But then, in spite of the best of my abilities, a few days later, it was a sorry sight. I was just 10 then and didn’t know my unique gifts.

My tryst with growing plants went well into my adult life. There were many of them. Once it was bamboo shoots. They initially showed signs of good health then after a while, a few pale leaves stared back at me. ‘Oops!’ Someone remarked looking at them. ‘They are supposed to bring you luck’.

Certainly not in my case. Then, there was chlorophythum, money plant and also tulips. They all ended up with the same fate. For the remarkable abilities I possessed growing tulips was indeed very ambitious. But, what about the money plant. Everyone said it was the easiest to grow. A highly adaptable plant which can be just put in a bowl of water and it would spread and creep itself however I wanted. Even this simple plant could not stand me. Nevertheless, I tried and that’s what matters. Like they say – ‘failure is a part of the whole learning process’. Well, I can’t deny that.

There are others who don’t give up on me as well. Kani, my friend once consoled me and said – ‘I killed a cactus once. Surely, you cant be worse than that.’

Poor Kani, little does she know of my uncanny abilities. I nodded in agreement. She then went about giving me two plants – a basil and the Indian curry plant. This was an added pressure. I had to live up to her hopes.

Good signs

They showed good signs initially with a few new leaves sprouting. I was delighted. I had already started dreaming about celebrating my success. But, that was what it was – just a dream, for one fine morning, there they were, dry as a twig. A few days later, Kani called to check how I was faring with the plants. ‘How could you?’ she accused. ‘Well, I did warn you.’ I said in my defence. ‘ I even watered them with special water (Evian to be specific) but…’ They’d rather lose their lives than live under the same roof as mine.

I do love them. Certainly I do. There could be a few reasons for the way we are the way we are. I think, we like to have our distance. Any effort from my end to get closer has not been successful. I comfort myself by some philosophical over runs. I tell myself – we need our space. Yet, the craving leads me to try again.

Else, perhaps, it is my hand or my stare that gets the plant to wither in no time.

Am I the one to cause global warming? I can’t deny that. Can I?

I know that I am responsible to a little extent but still long to have them as my room mate. I love them a lot but moving in together into an apartment is a ‘huge’ step for them – the plants. Will they some day? Only time can tell.





One thought on “I have a green finger and I grow plants (published on Sept.24th,2008)

  1. Hi Sudha,

    Why don’t you make this site colorful and stick to some standard fonts which attracts the readers’ attention and makes them read.
    This is my first suggestion.

    Sunder Raj

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